Funding for Phase I


Percentage of Phase Three funded

Phase Three Construction: Finishing

As of June 1, 2024, we are finishing up phase II and starting phase III. We are currently plastering all of the walls, then next steps include finishing plumping and electrical, the ceiling, tiles, fixtures, painting and then furnishings! Our hope and prayer is to finish the house by the end of 2024

Breaking Ground!

At the end of August, 2023, we broke ground on TROHI House! The ceremony was held on the property and included all of the residents, staff, and leadership of Tabuk Refuge of Hope along with the local pastors who have been supporting and encouraging us in this process.

The Need

TROHI is currently housed in the upstairs apartments of a local church, and shares the kitchen and laundry area. This space has served us well and allowed us to minister to the 16 girls who have come through our doors. But now we are at capacity.

We are in dire need of more space and a larger facility. Our current location is not only cramped, but in a well known church in the middle of town. Several of our girls have ongoing cases against their abusers and this location puts them at risk of being tracked down and threatened. Which means we have to be extra careful about allowing the girls to roam around freely. The girls are beginning to feel the tightness of the space.

In 2021, by God’s grace, we were able to purchase 3 hectares of land outside the main City of Tabuk. This location is ideal, providing both space and security. We plan to develop this land into a haven for our girls. We will have a play area and bike trail to give them plenty of opportunity to exercise and be kids. We will also implement gardening and animal husbandry. This is not only good therapy for our residents, but will allow us to be more self-sufficient.

The Plan

Our next step is to build our residential house. This will be a two story, 500sq. m, house that will be able to accommodate 25 residents and 4 live-in staff. We have begun the process of preparing for this building; We’ve met with a civil engineer and our architects who have begun the design process and our building permit has been approved. We have a three phase building plan and we are currently a little over halfway funded for phase 1.

Until this building is finished, we are unable to take in any more residents (except for two beds which we are keeping open for truly emergent cases). But we know that God is faithful; He called us to start this ministry, He has provided everything we needed so far, and He gave us this land. We believe he will carry this project on to completion.